People in recovery from alcohol addiction may be nervous about the upcoming summer months.  All the events and get-togethers will likely involve alcohol in one form or another.  So, how can a person have sober summertime fun when everyone else is boozing it up?

Is Sober Summertime Fun Possible?

Yes, it is.  Millions of people do it every day.  With a little determination and careful planning,  you can take part in summer activities and stay sober.  Plus, you will still have a good time.  Of course, you may not always be able to completely avoid being around alcoholic beverages, but these tips will help you navigate those situations.

So, here are some ideas for taking control of your summer holidays without relapsing.

1. Avoid attending too many events that promote drinking.

If you know an activity or event is alcohol-centered, add some sober activities to your calendar.  Balancing your activities will help you stay focused on learning to enjoy sober events.  Attending too many drinking-centered events will weaken your resolve making it harder to resist taking a drink.

2. Find non-alcoholic cocktails you can enjoy.

Non-alcoholic drinks, or “mocktails” are a great option for helping to avoid temptation.  For instance, if you’re holding one of these drinks, it’s less likely someone will offer you a drink.  Without being pushed by others to take a drink, you’ll be able to stay in control more easily.

3.  Be sure to have an emergency contact.

This contact could be your sponsor, a sober friend you trust, or anyone you can call if you feel tempted to take a drink.  Their support will help you overcome the urge and get back to having sober summertime fun.

4.  Reach out if you think you can’t resist a drink.

If you find that it’s too hard to keep saying no when offered a drink, reach out to someone you trust.  When you’re inwardly focused on the issue, it seems bigger.  Express your feelings, admit that it’s a struggle, and get support from someone who cares.

5.  Be aware of your triggers.

Avoiding triggers won’t be easy because they seem to be everywhere.  But, you can begin by staying away from the places where you once spent time getting intoxicated.  You may have to find new places to go and build a new set of friends.  In the end, your sobriety is worth the changes you’ll have to make.

6.  Know what to say when offered a drink.

Drinking people want everyone to drink with them.  So, plan ahead and know what to say when someone pushes a drink on you.  Remember, it’s your choice.  You don’t have to drink just because someone wants you to.

7.  Remember to take care of yourself.

When a person is stressed, tired, or bored, it’s easy to reach for a drink to take the edge off.  You can avoid this by finding new hobbies or activities to keep you from becoming bored.  They will also help you manage stress which will help you sleep better.

8.  Spend time with sober people often.

The best way to learn how to have fun sober is to spend time with individuals who do just that.  Before long, it won’t seem so weird and you’ll begin to enjoy it yourself.  You can also spend time with other people who are in recovery.  Their experiences and support can be valuable resources.

9.  Give to others by volunteering some of your time.

You can find an abundance of sober community functions where you can help others.  When you volunteer your time, you’ll contribute to the community while also building your self-esteem.

10.  Don’t be afraid to be alone sometimes.

If you fear that being alone will cause you to give in and take a drink, then you need to reach out to a support team.  But, try to learn to enjoy being alone sometimes.  Do something that makes you feel proud.  Learn to play an instrument, take art lessons, paint your bedroom.  There are thousands of interesting ways to spend some alone time.

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What to Do if You Relapse this Summer

Avoiding relapse isn’t easy.  But, if a relapse happens, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed.  Did you know that about 40 – 80 percent of people in recovery relapse at least once?  The important thing is that you take action right away and reach out for support.  If you need to return to rehab, contact us at New Beginnings to learn about our programs for alcohol treatment.  We can help you enjoy sober summertime fun for a lifetime.