Accountability in Recovery

Importance of Accountability in Addiction Recovery

One of the first things a person learns in rehab is the importance of honesty and accountability in recovery.  When a person is willing to accept responsibility for their actions they strengthen their resolve to get and stay clean and sober.  …
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Importance of Aftercare

In Addiction Treatment, Learn the Importance of Aftercare

If you have recently completed a treatment program in an inpatient addiction rehabilitation facility, it is crucial that you understand the importance of aftercare in addiction treatment. You are now embarking on a journey where you will find bumps in …
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Iron Overload from Cocaine

Cocaine Causes Dangerous Iron Build-Up in Addict’s Brains

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have determined that there are excessive amounts of iron in the brains of cocaine addicts. The iron accumulates mainly in the globus pallidus area of the brain which inhibits behavior. They also found that …
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Addiction Affects Families

The Different Ways that Addiction Affects Families

Addiction doesn’t only affect the addict; it affects every loved one of the addict, family, friends, and others. There are many answers to questions and comments about how addiction affects families. If one person has an addiction, it affects every …
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