Dual Diagnosis

What is Dual Diagnosis and How is it Treated?

One of the generally more misunderstood aspects of drug and alcohol addiction is the dual diagnosis. Many people who struggle with substance abuse disorder also have a mental health or behavioral condition. This is known as a dual diagnosis, and …
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Recovery Support Groups

Benefits of Drug Addiction Recovery Support Groups

Once you have decided to seek assistance for your addiction, you should know that you’re taking a powerful and important step. The process might seem overwhelming, but you have support in your journey to find the best treatment plan. Keep …
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Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The Long-Term Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is one of the most commonly-abused drugs in the world. In fact, it is estimated that 17 million people in America suffer from alcoholism. There are many negative health effects of alcohol abuse. We will discuss some of them …
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Cocaine Making a Comeback

Why is Cocaine Making a Comeback in the United States?

Since its popularity in the 1990s, cocaine had pretty much dwindled out of the drug scene. Today, though, it seems that the talk is all about cocaine making a comeback in the United States. Much of the reason for cocaine …
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