How to Stop Enabling an Addict

How to Stop Enabling Your Addicted Loved One

Many Americans grew up with the belief that when a family member is struggling with an issue, they should step in and help. This is a quality to admire in most cases, but, there are times when the “helping” becomes …
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Teens Vaping Nicotine

Teens Vaping Nicotine:  What Parents Need to Know

An annual survey by Monitoring the Future shows that the number of teens vaping nicotine has nearly doubled this year. But, the good news is that binge drinking and opioid abuse have decreased. So, are teens substituting one dangerous habit for …
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Most Commonly Abused Addictive Drugs

Commonly Abused and Addictive Drugs

Although it is possible for people to get addicted to all sorts of unusual drugs, there are a few specific drugs that are responsible for most addictions throughout the country. Some types of drugs have a particularly strong effect on …
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