Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Who is to Blame for Prescription Painkiller Addiction?

“First, do no harm.”  These words are part of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors take when they start practicing medicine. But when we look at the opioid epidemic in our country today, can we say that all doctors have …
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Prescription Stimulant Use

Can Prescription Stimulant Use Lead to Addiction?

Everyone knows that prescription painkiller use can lead to addiction, but what about prescription stimulant use? Can this lead to addiction also? The answer is yes! Even if you take prescription stimulants as the physician prescribes them, it can lead …
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Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder

What Are the Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder?

Is alcoholism the same thing as alcohol use disorder?  Yes, alcoholism and alcohol use disorder is the same thing. For example, if a person drinks to avoid problems or deal with stressors, that is a sign of alcohol use disorder. …
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