Anti-Anxiety Meds During the Lockdown

More Americans Using Anti-Anxiety Meds During the Lockdown

Americans have been in the coronavirus lockdown for a few months and its beginning to take a toll on people’s mental health.  The concerns about how the virus has up-ended our everyday lives have morphed into anxiety, depression, loneliness, and …
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Addiction Interaction Disorder

Addiction Interaction Disorder:  What is It and Can It Be Treated?

Many substance use disorders are comprised of a combination of addictions at the same time.  Since these addictions coexist, they interact and reinforce each other.  The process is known as Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID).  Overcoming AID requires professional treatment that …
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Coronavirus Disrupts Drug Supply Chain

Coronavirus Disrupts Illegal Drug Supply Chains

In some ways, the virus pandemic has an adverse effect on the illegal drug supply chain.  Production, sales, and transport are feeling the impact of closed borders, bars, motels, and nightclubs.  These venues are some of the most profitable for …
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Drug Users and COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Added Dangers Posed to Drug Users

No one is immune to the deadly Coronavirus, but some people are more susceptible to negative outcomes.  For instance, individuals who have chronic pre-existing health problems, and the elderly.  They are at a higher risk of severe complications or death …
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