Addiction Affects Females Differently

Addiction Affects Females Differently: Here’s How

Anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol if they indulge too often or too heavily.  But, addiction affects females differently than it does males.  If you’re wondering why this happens, here are some things you may find surprising.
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When Curiosity Leads to Addiction

When Curiosity Leads to Addiction: Yes, It Can Happen

The two most common reasons why teens experiment with drugs are curiosity and peer pressure.  Of course, other factors play a role, but according to the NIDA, many people who tried a drug before age 18 had a substance use …
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Impact of Substance Use on Families

Substance Use: Understanding Its Impact on Families

It’s not often that we hear about the hardships families go through when their loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Topics regarding drug and alcohol addiction are often centered around the user to help them decide their next …
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Scary Drug Abuse Facts

Some Random and Scary Facts About Drug Abuse Today

We talk about drug abuse a lot in America today.  It’s because there are so many people using drugs or dying from them.  But, somewhere in between using drugs and fatally overdosing, people are consuming unbelievable amounts of addictive substances.  …
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5 Stages of Addiction

Which of the 5 Stages of Addiction are You in Right Now?

First of all, if you’re struggling with substance use, you’re not alone.  More than 21 million people were treated for substance use disorders (SUD) last year, according to SAMHSA.  The number doesn’t include the millions of untreated cases of SUD. …
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Talking About Addiction

Why Words Matter When Talking About Addiction

The words we use when talking about addiction can unintentionally hurt or offend a person who is struggling with substance use disorder (SUD).  Since we’ve used the same words for so long, we don’t stop to think about the negative …
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Teenage Substance Abuse

The Many Risks of Teenage Substance Abuse

Teenage substance abuse is something that many parents think of as a part of growing up. “It’s just a phase they are going through.” How many times have we heard that? Is it curiosity, simple experimentation, or is it to …
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Benzodiazepine Addiction

It is Alarming How Easily Benzodiazepine Addiction Can Occur

Physicians prescribe benzodiazepines often in the United States today for a number of anxiety disorders. And, many individuals abuse these drugs resulting in benzodiazepine addiction. One reason that benzodiazepines are so highly addictive is that people develop a tolerance to …
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Co-Occurring Disorders in the US

How Common are Co-Occurring Disorders in the US?

Most of you probably don’t realize the commonality of co-occurring disorders in the US today.  Co-occurring disorders are many times diagnosed when a person seeks treatment for addiction or treatment for a mental health issue. In other words, co-occurring disorders …
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Addiction Interaction Disorder

Addiction Interaction Disorder:  What is It and Can It Be Treated?

Many substance use disorders are comprised of a combination of addictions at the same time.  Since these addictions coexist, they interact and reinforce each other.  The process is known as Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID).  Overcoming AID requires professional treatment that …
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