Teenage Substance Abuse

The Many Risks of Teenage Substance Abuse

Teenage substance abuse is something that many parents think of as a part of growing up. “It’s just a phase they are going through.” How many times have we heard that? Is it curiosity, simple experimentation, or is it to …
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Benzodiazepine Addiction

It is Alarming How Easily Benzodiazepine Addiction Can Occur

Physicians prescribe benzodiazepines often in the United States today for a number of anxiety disorders. And, many individuals abuse these drugs resulting in benzodiazepine addiction. One reason that benzodiazepines are so highly addictive is that people develop a tolerance to …
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Co-Occurring Disorders in the US

How Common are Co-Occurring Disorders in the US?

Most of you probably don’t realize the commonality of co-occurring disorders in the US today.  Co-occurring disorders are many times diagnosed when a person seeks treatment for addiction or treatment for a mental health issue. In other words, co-occurring disorders …
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Addiction Interaction Disorder

Addiction Interaction Disorder:  What is It and Can It Be Treated?

Many substance use disorders are comprised of a combination of addictions at the same time.  Since these addictions coexist, they interact and reinforce each other.  The process is known as Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID).  Overcoming AID requires professional treatment that …
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Heroin Addiction - A Heroin Addict

How Did I Become a Heroin Addict?

Many people probably ask themselves this question, “How did I become a heroin addict?” No one chooses to become addicted to heroin. It happens for different reasons. Sure, some individuals choose to experiment with heroin due to peer pressure or …
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Stigma of Addiction

Living with the Stigma of Addiction

The last thing a person who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction needs is to be labeled an addict, a junkie, a crackhead, or any other term putting them down. What they do need is compassion and support from …
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Recognizing a Drug Addict

Can You Recognize a Drug Addict When You See One?

Many of us think of drug addicts as unkempt, scraggly-looking people. However, today the picture of a drug addict can be very deceiving. Many addicts today are very good at hiding their addiction from family and friends. Some families have …
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College Without Drugs or Alcohol

How to Make it in College Without Drugs or Alcohol

So, you are beginning a new year in college. Many of you are moving in for the first semester of college while others are returning for another year. You are excited and yes, a bit nervous at the same time. …
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