Children of Drug Users

Children of Drug Users: Forgotten Victims of a National Crisis

Drug abuse is a prevalent and seemingly neverending issue in the world today.  The drug-related crime and the shocking number of fatal overdoses are hard to comprehend.  The impact of substance abuse spreads wide and affects many innocent people daily.  …
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Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

Why You Need to Know About Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

If you use drugs for recreational purposes or are addicted to illicit drugs, you need to know about fentanyl overdose deaths. The numbers will shock you.  Also, if you are the parent of a teenager, it’s crucial that you know …
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The Truth About Meth

The Ugly Truth About Meth in 3 Little Words

The ugly truth about meth in 3 little words:  It kills people.  But, before meth kills a person, it takes them on a journey of horror that no one can imagine.  Some of the worst B-grade horror movies can’t compare …
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Nitrous Oxide Misuse

Uptick in Nitrous Oxide Misuse is No Laughing Matter

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the uptick in alcohol, opioid, and antidepressants is in the news frequently.  Marijuana and cocaine use has also increased since the virus began.  But, not much is mentioned about the uptick in nitrous oxide misuse this …
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Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

Understanding the Prevalence of Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

Adolescents today have unlimited access to a variety of dangerous substances that will get them high.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be afraid of experimenting with any combination of these substances. As a result, every year, over 1.5 million underage …
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Fatal Heroin Overdoses

Fatal Heroin Overdoses: An Old Drug Making a Deadly Comeback

For most people, the word “heroin” conjures images of misery and despair.  We imagine thousands of people hopelessly addicted, their lives in shambles.  As one of the world’s oldest drugs, heroin has certainly left its devastating mark on the world …
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Coronavirus Disrupts Drug Supply Chain

Coronavirus Disrupts Illegal Drug Supply Chains

In some ways, the virus pandemic has an adverse effect on the illegal drug supply chain.  Production, sales, and transport are feeling the impact of closed borders, bars, motels, and nightclubs.  These venues are some of the most profitable for …
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Drug Users and COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Added Dangers Posed to Drug Users

No one is immune to the deadly Coronavirus, but some people are more susceptible to negative outcomes.  For instance, individuals who have chronic pre-existing health problems, and the elderly.  They are at a higher risk of severe complications or death …
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