FAQs About Addiction

FAQs About Addiction: The Answers May Surprise You

When you hear the word addiction, what is the first thought that comes to mind?  Did you visualize a dirty, homeless person lying in the alleyway?  Or, did you imagine a sleazy drug dealer selling deadly illicit substances on the …
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Time for Rehab

How Do You Know if It’s Time for Rehab?

If you’re wondering if it’s time for rehab, the first thing you need to do is ignore the myths or misconceptions you’ve heard.  For instance, some people say you need to hit rock bottom before getting treatment, but they are …
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Why Addiction Treatment is Effective

Why is Addiction Treatment Effective?

In today’s world, it’s not unusual to hear success stories about recovered addicts and their difficult journey to recovery.  But, few people realize the full extent of what is involved in the entire process of going from addiction to recovery. …
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