So, you are beginning a new year in college. Many of you are moving in for the first semester of college while others are returning for another year. You are excited and yes, a bit nervous at the same time. It can make you a little anxious, not knowing what the year holds in store for you and your friends. The thoughts of meeting new people and making new friends may have you thinking about how you will do it. Another question you may have is how are you going to make it through college without drugs or alcohol since it is so rampant on college campuses today?

College without Drugs or Alcohol is Possible

First of all, don’t feel like you have to participate in drinking alcohol or doing drugs to fit in with others. There will be plenty of kids you will meet who do not want to party all the time and abuse substances but want to get a good education and enjoy learning. There will be many fun sober activities you can take part in and enjoy with friends. 

Starting a new college year and worrying about studies and dealing with new friends can seem a bit overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily have fun and mix in with others without saying “yes” to drugs or alcohol. Don’t let the stresses of your new college life cause you to start taking any drugs either. You don’t need them!

Individuals have Their Own Likes and Dislikes

You may not object to others drinking alcohol if that is what they desire to do, but you don’t like it for yourself. Maybe you don’t like the taste of it, or the way it makes you feel while drinking it, or the following day. Whatever your reasons, they are your reasons. You don’t have to explain to anyone why you don’t want to drink alcohol at parties.

If you want, you could take a bottle of water or a soft drink to parties you are attending. When someone asks if  you want a drink, tell them that you are “good,” or you are “fine.” This way, they probably won’t keep bugging you and trying to pressure you into drinking something else. Life in college without drugs or alcohol is very possible today.

Peer Pressure in College

When you are in college, it can be hard to avoid peer pressure. However, there are ways to get around it. For instance, if you are in a situation where you are being pressured to do something that you don’t want to do or that you know is wrong, tell the person pressuring you that you are not interested. If they continue to pressure, give them a firm “No.” Then move on to people who like you for yourself. There are plenty of people in college who are just like you and not into drugs and alcohol. There are even students in college today that are in recovery from substance abuse. These students are finding a way to make it through college without drugs or alcohol.

Peer pressure can also be used against you in other situations as well. Just remember, you are the one responsible for the decisions that you make. If these so-called friends are pressuring you to do things and get in situations where you are not comfortable, they are not really your friends. Your college campus is full of other students who want to go through college without drugs or alcohol.

Tips for Resisting Peer Pressure in College

Listed below are a few tips you can use to resist peer pressure when you need them. You can:

  • Say that you have to study for a test or have an assignment that is due.
  • Offer to be the designated driver for the occasion.
  • Say you are staying healthy.
  • Find something to do, like talking to someone or dancing.

If all else fails, simply leave and go home. You are not going to enjoy a party where you are continually being pressured to use drugs or drink alcohol. Don’t let peer pressure change you from the person that you are with the goals that you have set for yourself.

Seek Help for Substance Use Disorder

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance use disorder, contact a licensed inpatient addiction treatment facility to receive the help that you need. Don’t wait for your problem to get worse. At New Beginnings, we have informed representatives who can answer any questions that you may have about a treatment program that will fit your individual needs and preferences. Contact us today!   Have a great and fulfilling year in college.


Resource: – Tips for Resisting Peer Pressure to Use Drugs and Alcohol