FAQs About Addiction

FAQs About Addiction: The Answers May Surprise You

When you hear the word addiction, what is the first thought that comes to mind?  Did you visualize a dirty, homeless person lying in the alleyway?  Or, did you imagine a sleazy drug dealer selling deadly illicit substances on the …
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Sober Summertime Fun

10 Ways to Have Sober Summertime Fun

People in recovery from alcohol addiction may be nervous about the upcoming summer months.  All the events and get-togethers will likely involve alcohol in one form or another.  So, how can a person have sober summertime fun when everyone else …
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Addiction Affects Females Differently

Addiction Affects Females Differently: Here’s How

Anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol if they indulge too often or too heavily.  But, addiction affects females differently than it does males.  If you’re wondering why this happens, here are some things you may find surprising.
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Children of Drug Users

Children of Drug Users: Forgotten Victims of a National Crisis

Drug abuse is a prevalent and seemingly neverending issue in the world today.  The drug-related crime and the shocking number of fatal overdoses are hard to comprehend.  The impact of substance abuse spreads wide and affects many innocent people daily.  …
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